SMARTER Selling System

Creates rapport upfront that is not false

Helps you remain calm and interested in the client and their needs

Designed to create a dynamic "conversation" between parties for positive outcomes

Asks intelligent, positive, open-ended questions to uncover the client's position [pain]

Understands and relates to the client on their level by remaining in their world

Positions you as a trusted advisor, not a peddler or product pusher

Understands how to make the client feel OK with their buying style and relates to them in this manner

Understands that people buy from people they like and who are like them that are professional and competent

Creates an up front agreement with the client in order to reassure them throughout the process in order to reach a successful mutually agreed upon outcome

No Selling System 

Immediately starts "telling/selling"

Rushes or pressures the client

Asks intrusive questions

Acts cocky or condescending to the client

Uses company terms or jargon to act knowledgeable

Sells using features & benefits

Tries to disarm the client and finagle them into buying

Sells based on the sales person's gut feeling

Seeks to close, close, close at any opportunity regardless of the client's readiness

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Dan Beatty

SMARTER Selling Strategies

Having a SMARTER Selling System

Who needs a SMARTER selling system? As a matter of fact, all sales professionals need a system. Whether you are new to the selling environment or have been selling and leading others for twenty years, a system helps you define how to get selling done by establishing a course by which to follow and adhere to.

Dan's SMARTER selling system,

  • is simply a staged and strategic process of actions that is directed at achieving an end result, a sale.
  • provides a step-by-step or orderly process which has actionable items focused on accomplishing a positive outcome.
  • allows for efficient use of time, energy, money and human capital.
  • helps to properly qualify or disqualify potential opportunities early in the process.
  • keeps you on track; what happens and when it happens.
  • recognizes potential problems and allows you to deal with them before they become deal breakers.
  • is scalable and can be replicated. 
  • helps you to know where you are at all times in the process.

The true benefits of a successful SMARTER selling system is that it allows you to maintain control of the selling process without having to "sell" your prospect. It takes the pressure off of both parties and creates a comfortable environment allowing for discussion and mutual respect. Prospects are people first and foremost. No one likes to be seen as somebody else's meal ticket.  By using my SMARTER Selling System, you can remove doubt and skepticism and have a professional discussion with your client that is both reasonable and enjoyable while focused on achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.