Oversight of a 30-million-dollar budget linked to 167 million dollars of product placement in the financial services industry for 2019; creating a 100% growth model in year-over-year sales and revenue production.  

Skilled Master Training Facilitator in Sales and Coaching with Learning and Developmental practices to over 1,200 sales team members, customer service representatives, supervisors and managers.

Delivered immediate and impressive sales results; growing sales revenue from $16.4 million to $25.2 million annually, by year three of employment.

Oversight and formulation for corporate sales, operations and professional development for one of the largest brokerage companies of its kind in the United States with over seven billion dollars in completed sales transactions.

Has established aggressive business metrics for organizational process flow thereby reducing or eliminating inefficiencies and decreasing case fall-out by over 22% resulting in $1.9 million of increased revenue.


Successful hiring and development of hundreds of employees and sales professionals for internal and external business development.

Has owned and operated his own successful multi-million dollar business selling and servicing both business and consumer clients.

Dan's  Business Achievements

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Dan Beatty