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It is said that in order to succeed in business, all you need to do is help enough other people get what they want.      Zig Ziglar

Selling, training, customer relations and business development are about the effective communication between two parties intended on seeking a solution to a need or problem. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses seem to misunderstand how best to position themselves and come across

to others with their verbal and non-verbal messaging. Intentions are great

but, the reality of the "perceived understanding" by businesses and consumers

is what makes or breaks the deal.

Consultative and collaborative selling and training processes along with servant

leadership and customer relations have always been at the forefront of my

business processes and practices. The quote above by legendary selling master,

speaker and author, Zig Ziglar, has guided my business ethics, leadership,

training and selling principles since I heard it for the first time many years ago.

I credit my leadership and business success to a variety of training programs,

corporations, people and processes over the years. Always a student perfecting

my skills, I look to continually educate myself and learn from others by reading,

attending seminars, training courses, and simply listening to those that know and

understand good business practices and people. 

Below, I have created a snapshot of my past business experience that will help you to better understand where I have been and how I will best be suited to help you and your company succeed through selling practices and sales leadership.

  • I have sales, leadership, professional development and customer relations experience in a variety of fields; Hospitality, Time Share, Learning & Development, Insurance and Financial Services, Marketing, and Retail dealing with both consumer and business relationships.
  • I am a skilled presenter, communicator and facilitator. I am confident and comfortable speaking to groups ranging from one to one thousand.
  • I have trained and developed over 1,200 professional sales and customer service representatives, supervisors and managers for successful business outcomes.  
  • I am able to work and perform remotely and independently through self-management or in an office or team environment.
  • ATD Certified Master Trainer
  • I have lead and supported a national sales force of internal and external professionals as well as operational oversight for seventy employees.
  • I have succeeded in selling practices and negotiating in a Business to Business [CEO's and business unit leaders] and Business to Consumer environments.  
  • I have received numerous awards for regional and national sales and service excellence.
Dan Beatty

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Sales Leadership ~Selling Strategies ~Professional Development 

Entrepreneurial Leadership ~ Customer Relations Management


Is a dynamic, goal-oriented leader with demonstrated experience in sales leadership, sales performance management, Professional development, cross-functional team development and market planning strategies.

Has proven experience in developing sales plans, sales teams and sales departments for corporate goal implementation.

Understands and has worked with Executive Core Qualifications by leading change, leading people, being results driven, having a versatile business acumen and building internal/external coalitions. 

Possesses the ability to create and implement sales procedures, sales budgets, forecast sales, align departmental productivity and implement growth objectives. 

Is successful with problem-solving, crisis management, troubleshooting and sales negotiating skills.

Has hired, trained, coached and developed successful internal and external employees, including sales and customer relations personnel that have achieved and exceed their intended quotas month over month and year over year.

Has hired, trained and developed over 1000 internal telesales professionals for success within a call center environment. 

Has cross-functional team alignment and training allowing for inter-departmental cohesion. 

Is a business professional dedicated to the success of others through his character, insight, integrity and willingness to go beyond the normal standards of others.