A Note From Dan:


Your company is in need of a business leader skilled in learning & development, management, training, facilitation, sales leadership and professional development individual that can support and enhance the success and development of your company. I am the right person that will help you meet and exceed your goals. I have a cross-functional business, sales, and training background with a business acumen centered on sales leadership, learning and development, business & team development, customer relations and personal selling success. I understand the aspects of short and long-term sales cycles and how best to navigate the nuisances of both while working "with" the client and developing team members. 

Sales, customer service, business development along with business strategies is a process that has specific elements that need to be followed and adhered to in order to help your clients and business partners form the right understanding of fulfilling their needs.  I am confident that my knowledge, personality, character and skill-set will blend well within your organization in order to create the level of success necessary to meet and exceed your goals.

Don't settle for mediocrity within your company!  I will help you and your company achieve the results you need in 2020 and beyond. Contact me today to receive a detailed copy of my resume or to discuss hiring me for a management, leadership, training, sales  or professional development role within your organization by clicking here.

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Dan Beatty

Building character and selling success


Learning to sell and leading to sell are what Dan Beatty is all about. People do business and buy for their reasons from others that they know, like, trust and respect. Additionally, business is about forming and cultivating the right relationships that create opportunity and synergy leading to a variety of measurable success factors. For over twenty years Dan has developed this special skill-set and has been capable of transferring it to others in order to build business and personal success.

Dan has hired, trained and mentored successful sales and business professionals as well as developing his own selling and training skills by being an "involved roll up your sleeves" leader. He is focused on action oriented plans that possess promise based collaboration synergies through consultative selling and business practices. Helping you understand your team, clients and business partners by working collectively towards successful goals, is how Dan will help your company thrive in 2020 and beyond. 

Contact Dan today to receive a detailed copy of his resume or to discuss employment opportunities with him for a leadership, management or professional business development role within your organization by clicking here.

What others say about Dan:


​​Dan is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to build relationships across company lines and share the sales process is unparalleled. Of particular value to me, is Dan’s team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. I regularly received unsolicited praise from internal business partners commending Dan’s outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through. In all my years of leading teams, he is one of the most reliable team members and holds team work at the core of his values. He consistently demonstrates all of these qualities and more.

​Laura T - Learning and Development, Sales Coaching Manager

Dan is an exceptional sales manager who really brings out the best in his people. His commitment to professional development and his enthusiasm are contagious. One of the things that I liked most about Dan is that he wouldn't hesitate to jump right in and help anyone, whether it was closing a sale or resolving a customer question or complaint. His people skills in particular, his unique ability to talk and relate to anybody, make him exceptionally effective.

Charles C - Compliance Officer & General Counsel.

Dan is a customer focused business partner who is clearly an advocate for his clients. I worked with Dan for 5 years and found him to be highly efficient, market knowledgeable, and probably the most customer service oriented person I dealt with.

Greg B - Heritage Senior Living

I had the pleasure of working under the direction of Dan Beatty at Advanced Settlements, Inc. for approximately 8 years. Dan's position was as a sales and motivational director of between 15 to 50 Account Executives at Advanced during the course of his years employed here. 

Dan always did an excellent job and is one of the most positive and professional Sales Directors that I have ever worked with. I learned a lot from Dan immediately recognizing and eventually admiring his very calm and confident mixture of demeanor and attitude. I would also mention that Dan is an extremely honest person and always did the right thing for the benefit of our clients. 

I would very highly recommend Dan Beatty to any organization looking for a positive and extremely motivated sales professional and natural leader. 

Rob J - Senior Account Executive